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Designing for people, place, and the environment.


Eric Manou


Deeply passionate about sustainability, Eric has made it his life goal to reinvent the way urban housing is designed and built. His vision to build the world’s most sustainable communities is brought to life in Farmy.

Josh Leong

Research & Development

An ambient computing and designer at Google, Josh is assisting Farmy in the development of cutting edge technology systems that respectful and attuned to social and environmental factors.

Jessica Bonin

Business Development

An organic farmer, sustainability entrepreneur and driving force behind Farmy’s vision, Jessica has helped form the company's business presence. Her years of experience in a shared field as well as her determination for success helps cultivate meaningful progress.

Rebecca Sokolov

Senior Technical Writer

Determined to make meaningful contributions to Farmy’s mission and goals, Rebecca imparts current and transformative knowledge to the team. Her research and writing have been fundamental to the company’s successful development.

Philip Neumann

Energy and Sustainability

Considered one of the best building energy consultants available, Philip has helped shape energy considerations and calculations so that Farmy will be amongst the most environmentally conscious developments in the world.

Chris Erchick

Visualization and Design

Chris brings his strengths as an artist and designer to the creation of a strong and vivid picture of Farmy’s future. Having worked alongside Eric Manou for nearly a decade, he continues to perfect his craft.

Leo Peak

Real Estate

Leo brings to the real estate world what few others possess: an advanced understanding sustainability in the built environment. His invaluable real estate insights have led him to successfully represent Farmy’s sales in the past.

Jeremy Fukunaga

Visualization and Photography

Jeremy empowers the team by bringing to life their concepts and creations. With two decades of working in the industry, his experience strengthens the visual communication of what a sustainable planet can be.

Jorge Cardenas

Field Project Leader

Widely talented, Jorge has worked in construction trades for over 15 years. His combined experience and leadership qualities make Jorge a key member of Farmy.

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